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Network Setup Services & More

Cables for network setup servicesBuilding Networks
Tired of fighting over the one computer which has internet access?  With Building Networks, we can setup computers, laptops, and other devices  to share files and  printers with each other.   Wireless technology enables users to connect other computers to the internet without the hassle of running wires

Domain Management
Do you have a network that is already setup for a business and need someone to tell you if its running at optimal speed.  Domain Management  will guide and help you know if your network is doing so.  This is done through 256 bit encrypted remote access software which allows us to manage the network without having us actually being there.  This can also be used to the businesses advantage allowing employees to work from home.

Server Setup
Having a central location where all the data is stored and backed up is critical in today's computer world.  This allows business owners to control what information their employees have access to.  In most cases this will allow you to control what sites are visited during work hours.

Network Security
Security is at the highest level of importance in any business.  Small to medium businesses cannot afford to have information leaks or their computer infested with viruses.  This could potentially cause business slowdown or even a complete business halt.  Network Security insures that information is kept safe and computer are well protected against any virus attacks.

Network Security Analysis
Is your existing security software really protecting you or is it slowing down you computer.  Network Security Analysis
will analyze what your existing security is and make suggestions towards upgrades to help speed up your machine
as well as insuring that you have top notch security.

Computer Repair
Computer viruses slow down computers to the point of the machine not being used or potentially crashing your
machine and cause data loss.  Computer repair will help avoid those scenario's with top notch virus removal software
or allowing the opportunity of backing up all important information. We also repair hardware problems for an affordable

Data Recovery
Have you already lost data due to hard drive failure or computer crashing?  
With Data Recovery, there is always a chance at getting your data back.  We use high end data recovery software that
 will attempt to recover files. 

Mobile Device Repair
We repair mobile devices like iphones and ipad with cracked screens.  anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or computer knows,
they are great to have, use, and make life much easier for those of us who are constantly on the move. When your iPhone, Samsung,
HTC, LG, Motorola or one of the many other smartphones is not working properly, or stops altogether for some reason,
it feels like a part of you has been left behind. Cracked screens are inconvenient, especially when trying to use your favorite apps!

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